Why Kids Should Learn Different Positions When Playing Sports

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Sports are a wonderful place for kids to have fun, learn, make friends and grow! Sometimes kids, or their parents, have a predetermined idea of what position they should or want to play in a sport. Having such a mindset can be somewhat limiting, as there are many benefits for learning how to play different positions when playing sports! The team at Kidzphyz Sports have listed a few of our favourite reasons as to why kids should learn different positions when playing sports.


Development of different skills

One big benefit to learning a different position in sports is that kids gain the opportunity to develop their skills in a part of the game. These skills may differ from the skills that they generally use in other positions, and developing these can be a huge advantage for them competitively. For example, a kid who is used to playing striker in soccer who learns who to play as a defender can benefit as those defensive skills are useful anywhere on the field (although they are more prevalent and more often used by defenders). Similarly, a child who plays basketball who usually plays centre can benefit via learning how to play point guard by learning how to dribble better and shoot from further distances, which could be valuable in some cases when playing different positions!  We offer programs for both soccer and basketball at Kidzphyz Sports, and you can try all of the different positions at one of our programs, whether it’s through our sports camps or other events or school programs.

Fun to experiment

Another reason for kids to learn different positions when playing sports is that it can be just plain fun for them to learn! It can be fun for kids to try out playing in different positions, with different common tasks and challenges. This can keep the sport more interesting for the child, as well as learn which positions they really prefer. If they don’t learn to play different positions, a child may think that the one position they play is their favourite, however, they could be missing out on several other equally or more fun positions, which could make their whole experience with the sport better!  Our programs at Kidzphyz Sports are aimed at providing a fun, competitive safe environment for kids to challenge themselves in their hosen sport (s), but ultimately enjoy their time.


Learn to understand the sport

When kids learn different positions while playing sports, they are also intrinsically learning what the roles of these positions are, and gaining a deeper understand of how each position fits together into the bigger picture of the sport itself tactically. This can lead to a much deeper understanding of the sport and its tactics. Children who learn different sports positions and gain this extra tactical knowledge may also benefit from increased team chemistry and understanding of their teammates and their movements! For example, a player may have a better understanding of how their teammate playing another position will move, what sort of runs they may make, or when, where, and how they prefer to receive the ball.


Learn how to be adaptable

Learning different positions in a sport can also help kids learn how to be more versatile and adaptable. This is relevant in the sport as they can potentially help the team in more ways, and lead to greater overall success. This can be beneficial going forward as well. As they grow older and move to potentially more competitive levels of the sport, a child’s extra versatility to play and understand different positions can help them compete more and be a greater asset. In addition, this versatility can also be translated into life outside of sport, where kids can use this valuable skill to better adapt to different roles in school, work, or otherwise!


These are but a few ways that kids should play different positions in sports, however, the benefit can be really holistic. If children don’t have the opportunity to or aren’t comfortable trying different positions in their club for example, our camps at Kidzphyz Sports can provide a wonderful opportunity for them to try out and learn about different positions from experienced coaches!


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