Ways to get kids into playing Futsal

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Futsal is a great sport for kids who already love soccer, or even for those who’ve never been introduced to soccer or similar sports before! It can be a fantastic way for kids to have fun and be active indoors during colder months and can still be played year-round! However, how do you get kids into futsal, and how do you introduce it to kids in such a way that they’ll be interested and want to try more? Look no further, the team at Kidzphyz Sports and Babysits have listed our favorite ideas for how to get kids into futsal!


What is futsal?

For those of you not familiar with the sport, futsal is a sport that is essentially a variant of soccer. Soccer and futsal are quite similar, with similar objectives (kicking a circular ball into a goal), and similar rules regarding fouls, out of bounds, no hands and more! A main difference is that futsal is generally played on a court or field indoors, where players will wear flat shoes (without cleats or studs) designed to grip the hard flat surface. Other differences include, playing with a smaller, less bouncy ball – specifically a futsal ball – smaller goals and a smaller field to match the decreased scale, and less players on each team playing at once (soccer is 11 v 11 and futsal is 5 v 5). The futsal programs we run at Kidzphyz Sports are done on indoor soccer courts, suitable for first-timers or those new to soccer all together.

Futsal goal keeper

How to get soccer playing kids started playing futsal 

If your child already plays and enjoys soccer, then getting them into futsal can be quite simple! As the sports are very similar, it should be easy enough for your budding soccer star to trade in the cleats for flats and hop on the field! They should be able to pick up the rules easily, because of the similarity to soccer, and the movements and tactics are also extremely similar!


Introducing futsal to non-soccer players

While it may be easier to introduce soccer players to futsal, futsal is an incredibly fun activity for more than just soccer players. Plenty of kids can easily learn to enjoy futsal if they get the chance to! When participating in our Kidzphyz Sports multi-sport program, we find many of the kids that have never played futsal before really love it and request to play it at future programs!


Watch futsal

One great way to start getting kids into futsal is to watch it! This ranges from watching in person, to watching on television or videos online. Seeing how futsal works and is played can help capture your child’s interest in the sport and help introduce them to the idea of playing it. From there, you can start taking what they may have watched and implement it into practice!


Practice the movements

Whether or not you’ve watched futsal with your kids to get them interested, you can already start practicing the movements! In open play, you can incorporate a futsal ball (or soccer ball if you don’t have a futsal ball available), and help your kids practice the movements while having fun! This can be a great way to introduce futsal in the safety and comfort of your home environment. Once you’ve gauged their general interest in futsal, if they seem to really like it the next step is to take a step towards more organised futsal!

Kidzphyz futsal keepers drill

Find somewhere to play

The first step in leading towards more organised futsal is to find somewhere to play and make sure you have the right equipment. Involving an actual futsal court, futsal ball, and the correct tennis shoes to be used with futsal can get your kid even more interested and invested in futsal! However, sometimes finding a free futsal court and ball can be difficult, or quite a financial investment ahead of time. Luckily, there are other ways where your child can access the right equipment and try futsal for themselves without having to invest too much time and effort into it ahead of time. There are futsal programs available in most indoor sports centres and a google search will help find one in your local area.


Try it out with a camp!

The futsal camps at Kidzphyz Sports are a great place where kids can access world-class futsal facilities and try the sport out for themselves! It’s a fantastic way to get them involved with futsal and has less time and financial commitment compared to jumping straight in and joining a futsal club! Kidzphyz also provides a great environment where children can learn the rules of the game and skills from experienced coaches. For kids not certain about futsal, Kidzphyz’s multisport camps can give them an opportunity to try out futsal as well as many other sports!


Written in collaboration with Babysits – Australia’s community for babysitting and childcare jobs. Check out Babysits’ community resources for more tips for parents!

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