The benefits of sports and physical activities for children

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Children of all ages need physical activity every day as it sets up healthy habits for their future.  By encouraging children to do some physical activity every day, you’re helping them to be healthy now. At Kidzphyz Sports, we can help you to keep your kids active by delivering a large range of sports programs during school terms and school holidays, catered for kids aged 5-15 years old.


There are many benefits of sports and physical activities for kids, which are summarised below.


The most obvious area where children can find benefits from sports has to do with their physical health. Sports help give kids a reason and incentive to get outside, away from the ipad or video games, and have fun while being physically active! This can be really important for the health of the 80% of children in Australia, and many children around the world, who don’t reach the suggested hour of physical activity per day.

Kidzphyz Sports Clinic Basketball
Kids and coach enjoying a basketball clinic at a Kidzphyz Sports program

According to Health Direct, children over 5 should be physically active for at least 60 minutes per day, however, 4 out of 5 children in Australia don’t reach this daily hour of physical activity.


Luckily, introducing children to sports and getting them involved can be a great way to get them active and allow them to take advantage of the many other benefits of sports! With the variety of sports we have to offer ranging from cricket, basketball AFL, netball and many more, Kidzphyz Sports can help your kids find an easy way to get into sport.


Including sports in their lifestyle can benefit children by helping them be physically healthier in the following ways:

  • It can increase their overall cardiovascular fitness
  • Helps prevent high blood pressure and obesity
  • Contributes to better coordination of muscles
  • Promotes building and maintaining healthy bones, joints, and muscles.
  • Improve balance and flexibility
  • Improved posture
  • Improved ability to sleep well
  • According to health direct, can help the brain develop vital connections leading to better concentration and thinking skills
  • Decreased risk to develop chronic diseases


So, it’s clear that participating in sports can have a really positive effect on a child’s general health.


However, playing sports also has a ton of benefits for children that go far beyond just the physical benefits!


Some of the main, non-physical benefits of sports include the following:

  • Helps develop social skills
  • Can build self confidence
  • Aids in learning self discipline and academics
  • Helps relieve stress


Encourage your kids to come and try one of our Kidzphyz school holiday programs, where they are given a great opportunity to trial a variety of sports to see whether it’s the right sport for them.


Sports help develop social skills

Participating in sports can have a really important impact on how children learn to interact with each other and the community. Team sports in particular can highly aid with a child’s socialisation. That is because these sports help children learn how to cooperate and the power of teamwork when they are working together with others towards a shared goal. Sports can also help benefit by teaching children other skills for example leadership and good sportsmanship.

Friendly kids
Kids enjoying a footy program at a Kidzphyz Sports program

Sports can help build self-confidence

Sports can also be a great tool to help children build self esteem and self confidence. While playing sports, kids can test their own limits, work hard to reach their goals, and improve their confidence as they achieve them or improve their skills in the sports! Praise and support from parents and coaches can also help boost their self esteem. Sports can also provide a good learning experience where children can learn how to deal with constructive criticism and use it to their benefit.


Self Discipline and Academics

Sports participation can also help children learn self discipline. Through receiving coaching during sports and physical activities, kids can learn how to practice discipline and follow instructions. This can be an applicable advantage for children’s futures; as they grow older they can use this self discipline to practice better time management and prioritisation of tasks. Also related to self discipline, several studies suggest that there is a link between sports or physical activity and academic success. Having increased self discipline can aid kids in their studies. Furthermore, the increase in concentration associated with sports and physical activities can help children focus better in academic situations.


Sports Help Relieve Stress

Finally, sports can help act as a great outlet for children and people in general to relieve stress. Sports can be a great way for kids to play, enjoy their time, and make new friends and lasting friendships. Overall, this can make kids happier and healthier!


All in all, sports can be a great way for children to have fun and they also bring about a host of benefits, both mentally and physically! However, where do you start; how do you get your child involved in sports? Check out our article on introducing children to sports for some in depth ideas.


One of the best ways to get children into sports and to help them figure out what sports they really enjoy is to have them participate in one of our Kidzphyz sports programs. Here, children can benefit from both the physical and social benefits of sports, make new friends, and have fun!


Kidzphyz Sports offer pathways for children to develop their skills and passion for sport. Our programs provide an outstanding opportunity for our participants to develop their key skills and match play understanding all within a supportive environment, and include appearances from elite athletes and star coaches.


Written in collaboration with Babysits – Australia’s community for babysitting and childcare jobs. Check out Babysits’ community resources for more tips for parents!





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