Teachers run amazing sports camps at Kidzphyz

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Teachers will again extend their exceptional service this Summer holidays

If you want more for your children than just child care for your children, two teachers in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne are providing it, at Haileybury in Keysborough and now at Yarra Valley Grammar in Ringwood.

These teachers, who are KidzPhyz Australia, use their twenty years combined teaching experience to once again design a holiday programme, giving school aged children 3 full days of academically, theoretically and physiologically appropriate sports camp experiences.  Parents are thrilled and grateful!

“We could do anything on our holidays with our children but feel strongly that the three days our children have at Kidzphyz is the ultimate holiday experience we can give them”, claimed Kate, a parent of children who regularly attend the programme.

Every sports camp, parents are astounded by the experiences their children are receiving at Kidzphyz Australia and the results they are achieving, within this programme.  Jane Tobler, one of the teachers at Kidzphyz claims, “The quality and incomparable nature of what we do as teachers, must be constantly maintained in every camp for every child, or we are simply not interested in running them. We are not providing a child care service. We are supplying exceptional learning experiences which are physically, cognitively and emotionally appropriate for every child”.

Kidzphyz believes very strongly in the skills and talents of teachers and all they have to offer young people. Qualified teachers of physical education and sport are employed to run the programmes, which are gender balanced and designed to be inclusive, stimulating and rewarding to children. No matter what level children are achieving in their individual sports, from those reaching an elite level to those beginning and enjoying a particular sport, Kidzphyz coaches are employed because they themselves are experts in catering and utilizing techniques and skills to build and increase a child’s performance.

The Directors (Greg Schneiders and Jane Tobler) firmly believe that from the moment you visit their website to the very last goodbye at the sports camp these standards and service will be maintained. They have a website at www.kidzphyz.com.au that you can visit to obtain further information, see a gallery of photos on the sports camps, read about what other parents think of their services and a place to enrol your children.  They are also contactable by phone or email more than happy to chat to you about the programmes they run or your children’s sporting needs.

If you require more than just child care these holidays in and around Melbourne for your children and want your children to go back to school raving about what they did in the school holidays it would be worth looking to Kidzphyz Australia as an alternative.

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