Sports Camps and Holiday programs with Kidzphyz Australia

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Sports Camps and Holiday program with Kidzphyz Australia

Sports camps are a popular activity that can be found across the country.  While they exist primarily to teach sporting skills and encourage children who aspire to become great players – or even future legends – they offer far more than just sporting experiences. Seasonal sports camps are an appealing fitness option to families with children who want to be physically active but prefer sports over other sedentary holiday activities.  They offer a great opportunity to get your kids outdoors, exercising and away from the computer.  Kidzphyz Australia seeks to offer this plus more during our sports camps

Sports camps at Kidzphyz are the kind of holiday activity that challenges kids who appreciate the mental challenge in addition to the physical demands of sporting pursuits.  Most campers are looking for the opportunity to learn new skills, as well as improve their game.  All of Kidzphyz’s sports camps provide training and activities for young people of all ages, primarily from ages 7 through to 18, with kids being grouped by age as well as skill level.

Most holiday sports camps stress fundamentals, technique and conditioning to students in a supportive atmosphere designed to bring out the best in each child.  Kidzphyz is no different in this area.  We strive to ensure that practice sessions focus on the basics of the game along with sport specific techniques and game strategies.

Highly qualified coaches also provide instruction on safe and effective exercises, drills and skill development techniques.  The days spent at a sports camp offer a safe, structured venue for nurturing a love and passion of sports as children gain confidence.  .

Additional benefits of the Kidzphyz holiday sports camps include improved hand-eye coordination, sportsmanship and good sports etiquette.  Besides engaging in regular physical activity, children learn discipline and concentration and achieve a sense of personal accomplishment.  These types of skills go far beyond the field, court or oval, furthering a child\’s social and academic life as well.

Kidzphyz continues to offer holiday programs and sports camps all year, while sports offered are seasonal in nature.  To find out more about the nearest Kidzphyz sports camp to you, check out the website at or email

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