Simple basketball drills easily practiced at home

Basketball YVG Sep 2019

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Basketball is a great sport for kids to play, and it can be practised at home or with friends and family. Here are some quick tips some of our expert basketball coaches have to share with you, that can help your child when they are practising in the backyard or park!  If your child comes along to one of our Kidzphyz Sports basketball camps, they may even find themselves practising these drills.

Around the world – Around the world is a great drill to practice shooting baskets from different angles and locations around the court. To start, begin at one side of the three point line where the baseline and free throw lane meet. Shoot from this spot until you make a basket! Once you have, you can move up along the paint to half way between the free throw line and the baseline. Shoot from this spot until you make a basket. Once you have made this, move along to the free throw line. After making a shot here, you can move on to halfway up the free throw lane and then eventually to the baseline on the opposite side that you originally began! Try to finish the drill in as few shots as possible. (For an even more challenging drill, return to the previous spot if you miss a shot!) Alternatively, you can move further out away from the basket up until the three point line eventually should you master the shots closer in.

Free throw challenge – The free throw challenge is a drill that will hone your shooting technique and improve your consistency. Try to focus on your form and consistently make as many free throws as you can in a row! You can keep track of your progress by testing how many in a row you make or alternatively by testing other metrics. For example, you can see how many times you can make five shots in a row. One way to work this up and increase the difficulty as you improve is by working up how many shots in a row you count. For example, when you are just starting, maybe you can start with seeing how many times you can make three shots in a row and as you master the drill you can see how often you make seven or even 10 shots in a row.

Lay up drills – Layups are essential to the sport of basketball, so it is crucial that you practice them until you can consistently make simple baskets! To begin, start by dribbling from the free throw line on the side of your dominant hand and practice simply laying the ball into the basket via the backboard. Focus on practicing that you have the right footwork and timing when dribbling and laying the ball up. Furthermore, practice the technique of the layup and aiming for the correct area in the square on the backboard to consistently make baskets. The next step, to increase the difficulty, would be to do the same drill however with your non-dominant hand. This may be very difficult for some kids, and at first you may have to begin just practicing the layup motion and technique just under the basket (taking the dribbles and movement initially out of the equation). However, once they can successfully lay the ball in with their non-dominant hand, you should practice this drill with the movement and dribbling, as mastering this can help you become a much more versatile basketball player.

Other increased difficulties of this drill include practicing different types of layups, for example, reverse layups under the basket, underhand layups, or layups with spins, or, for example, by adding more explosive dribbling skills leading up to the layup.

This is a just a sample of what is involved in a lay-up, and what is focused upon and taught more extensively at our Kidzphyz Sports Basketball Camps. Our expert team of coaches design plenty of drills and practice games so your child can improve their lay-up technique! In addition to, dribbling, passing, shooting and defensive techniques!

Drills you can do without a basket – These drills are great to practice and improve your basketball skills at home, however, some kids may not have access to a basketball hoop at home! In this case, there are still plenty of helpful drills that you can do to improve your mastery of basketball. A lot of the ball handling and dribbling work which is crucial to basketball can be practiced easily at home!

Dribbling between cones – In this drill, set up some cones (or alternatively shoes or other objects should you not have cones) to mark out distances relatively close together (a few feet). Practice dribbling between the cones, zigzagging between them one way and then back the other. Different variations include, dribbling with one hand or both hands, forwards through the cones or backwards – and you can even change the distance between the cones to make it even more difficult!

Dribbling with both hands (between the legs & behind the back) – A similar drill, here you can practice dribbling in place with both hands. To bring the difficulty up a notch, practice incorporating dribbling between the legs and/or behind the back to improve your ball handling skills! For the best improvements, try to dribble using a pattern, for example, two right hand dribbles, then between the legs, then two left hand dribbles then between the legs. Trying and practicing a bunch of different dribbling patterns can help improve your dribbling game by helping you have quicker hand eye coordination and better reactions to help dribbling in game situations!

Dribbling at speed with ball – Next, a great, simple drill to practice is dribbling at speed! As part of this, you can set up cones or markers 10 meters apart and practicing dribbling as fast as you can between them. This will increase your skill and control of the ball when dribbling at high speeds, as well as help improve overall fitness and agility which is important in basketball. To make this drill more difficult you can combine it with some of the above dribbling drills! For example, you can incorporate different dribbles (between the legs or behind the back), at certain points between the markers or even set up cones to zigzag through and then dribble at speed out of!

Passing (bounce pass chest pass) – If you have a friend with you, another way you can improve your basketball skills at home is by practicing passing drills! Begin directly in front of each other and practice simply passing the ball back and forth using a chest pass. This helps you practice the proper form of the chest pass. You can increase the difficulty of this drill by adding movement, shuffling lateral left and right while performing chest passes back and forth. Finally, you can max out the challenge by incorporating a few dribble moves after receiving a pass before you pass it back. This same drill can also be practiced performing bounce passes!

Overall, these drills can do a lot in helping kids improve their basketball skills at home! Another great way that they can improve is by participating in Kidzphyz basketball camps, where they can learn from basketball stars and elite coaches and practice in specialist sessions in all aspects of basketball skills development. Kidzphyz basketball camps and multi-sport camps are a great opportunity for children, where they can learn these and more advanced training drills that they can repeat at home!

Written in collaboration with Babysits – Australia’s community for babysitting and childcare jobs. Check out Babysits’ community resources for more tips for parents!


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