School Resources

As coaching and teaching professionals, we run engaging and fun multisport programs, sport specific camps and clinics, plus a range of student facing and staff focussed professional learning workshops and sessions.

Our PE @ Home resource kits are designed to support all year levels from ELC to Year 10 and can be tailored to suit the relevant curriculum of your state, territory, district or region. 

We tailor programs to work in with your schools PE and Sport curriculum. We also provide additional online and virtual sessions to engage students in fun and interactive ways.

PE @ Home Resources

Our PE @ Home resource kits include step by step information sheets, lesson plans, worksheets, videos, drills, interactive games and apps, all designed to support and engage in-class and remote learning.


Coming soon - Resource kits can be purchased here.


There are a number of free PE and sport activities available on PE @ Home YouTube channel

Tailored programs suited to all ages

Kidzphyz Sports can provide specialist coaches and staff to assist with the delivery of one off or major events such as school carnivals, athletics, swimming, cross country and other major sporting events.  Alternatively, we can bring our multi-sport programs or sport specific clinics into your primary or secondary school environment as a one-off, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or term basis, depending on your schools needs.

Need sporting apparel for your school?

Before & After School Programs

The Sporting Schools Program is a FREE government funded initiative program that is designed to help schools to increase children’s participation in sport and to connect children with community sport. It provides a great incentive for schools to engage children with regular sporting activity thanks to the reduction in costs for the school.

Kidzphyz Sports and its partners can provide schools across Melbourne and Australia with a range of support for their school sports program at potentially zero cost to the school. With access to the Australian Government funding to provide sporting schools grants, Kidzphyz Sports can come into your primary (or Year 7 & 8 at secondary school level) school and deliver between 4 – 10 weeks of a Sporting Schools program without cost to your school or students. To find out more, please visit or complete the ‘Enquiry Form’ below if you would like Kidzphyz Sports to get in touch to discuss what exciting sports programs we can deliver at your school.

Badminton Australia

‘Shuttle Time’

Baseball Victoria

‘Aussie T-Ball’

Hockey Australia


 Gymnastics Australia



Squash Australia

‘Oz Squash’

Swimming Australia

Table Tennis Australia


Volleyball Australia


We work with you

All the above services can be tailored across multiple sports including AFL (Aussie Rules) Football, Soccer, Netball, Basketball. Hockey, Volleyball, Athletics, Cross Country, Swimming, Tennis, Cricket, Softball, Lacrosse and many more. To find our more please reach out and let us know your requirements so we can assist with your next event.