How to keep your kids fit during school holidays? Why not try a school holiday sports camp program.  

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How to keep your kids fit during school holidays? Why not try a school holiday sports camp program.  

There are so many ways to keep your kids fit and healthy these school holidays. Kids love school holidays at the best of times, as they have so much freedom and choice, from playing video games, surfing the net, lazing around in bed, texting or chatting with their friends online. So often, as parents, we forget that keeping them active, fit and healthy is the key to balanced lifestyle.

We are confident that all parents will agree that there is nothing like teaching your kids to enjoy these experiences in the school holidays after they spend some time working on their health and fitness. One awesome way that you can guarantee your kids will enjoy their school holiday break is having them start their day off with a great physical workout with their mates.

A super way to do this is by registering them in a school holiday program such as Kidzphyz Sports. A sample of some of the activities from an upcoming cricket clinic is below.

Sports Camp Introduction & Warm Up

Introduce staff and house-keeping matters

Drills & Skills Focus: Basics of Cricket

Basic cricket gear – bats, pads, gloves, helmet, etc…

Batting focus: Grip & Stance

Bowling focus: Delivery stride & pace

Drills & Skills Focus: Defence & Offence

Batting Focus: Front foot defence

Bowling Focus: High bowling arm and follow through

Use of front arm in bowling action

Drills & Skills Focus: Cue selection whilst batting & bowling

Batting focus: Front foot drives

Picking up on cues

Bowling focus: Consistent line and length

Repeat high arm action & stride length

Never been to a Holiday Sports Camps or Program before?

No worries….

There are always some anxious children when they arrive on the first day of the holiday program. This is highly normal, as for many it is the first time they have met any of the other kids. It is important to know that all of the camps and clinics are run by professional staff who work as teachers in educational settings all around Melbourne. So all of your coaches and staff will be used to meeting new children and helping them settle into a new day with the team at the camp.

What do you need to bring to a holiday program sports camp?

This depends on the sports camp you have registered for. When you book, a detailed confirmation letter with information on what to bring will be emailed to you as a PDF so you can download it within 24-48 hours of booking your camp. Specific sports equipment such as bats, balls goals etc are provided, but camp participants are welcome to bring their own gear. However, in contact sports or high-risk sports such as AFL, soccer, hockey and basketball, participants must provide their own mouthguard.

At the Kidzphyz Sports camps, participants are also treated with a selection of seasonal fruit and biscuits during the morning and afternoon tea breaks. Lunch meals form Subway can also be ordered from the camp director at each program venue.

Want to find out more about the sports camp program?

Details about the dates, venues and times of the full range of Melbourne school holiday programs can be found at There is a simple, easy to use booking system and parents can rest assured that once you enrol your children in a Kidzphyz sports camp, they will be in good hands!

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