How to introduce kids to sports

Introducing kids to sport

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Many parents, particularly sports fanatics, wonder when and how to introduce their kids to the sports they love.

There is no set formula for introducing children to sports, however, here are some helpful tips you can follow to get you started!

And remember, Kidzphyz Sports programs cater for children of all ages and can deliver fun and engaging sporting activities from ages 5 to 15, introducing kids to movement and team sports in a gentle and encouraging way.

When to start introducing kids to sports

Depending on the age of the child, how you introduce children to sports varies quite largely.

You can start introducing sports as early as you like, including from a toddler age, when they are still developing their fine motor skills. Or you can leave it until your children are around six or seven, when they may be just hitting a prime time to begin trying out different organized sports as they have built up more coordination by that time.


But, how do you introduce children to sports while making sure that it is not forced?

There are several ways to help introduce kids to sports in a smooth and natural manner. These include:

  • Begin at home
  • Ease sports into unstructured play
  • Let them experiment with different sports
  • Be careful with competitive nature
  • Watch sports together
  • Respect what brings them joy


Begin at home

In order to avoid forcing children into sport, it can be useful to begin playing sport at home in an unstructured manner, before continuing on to participate in playing sport outside the house. Beginning the introduction to sport at home allows your child to begin familiarizing themselves with the sport in a safe environment.


Ease sports into unstructured play

One great way to ease sports into unstructured play is to give children access to different sporting equipment, for example a soccer ball, basketball, or a tennis racket, and let them play with it however they want or are naturally inclined to. This unstructured play can help them become more comfortable with the equipment, can aid in their coordination and motor skills, and can act as a first step to getting children interested in the sport itself!  One of the benefits of participating in a program at Kidzphyz Sports is all of the sports equipment is provided, meaning your kids can try out many different sports without you having to invest in many different types of sporting equipment.

Friendly kids
Kids enjoying a footy program at a Kidzphyz Sports program

Let them experiment with different sports

Similarly along the lines of not forcing the kids into a specific sport, it can be really beneficial to introduce children to multiple sports and let them experiment with them as they’d like! Giving them the option can help them figure out for themselves which sports they may like more or less and can help them potentially find what sport or sports may be their passion in the long run. Playing a variety of sports can have other great benefits for children as well. Our Kidzphyz multisport holiday programs can help give your kids more opportunity to try these sports with less commitment than joining a club.


Be careful about competitive nature

Particularly when just introducing a child to sports, no matter what age, making sure to highlight the goal as having fun is quite important. Some good ways to avoid the competitive nature early on are playing at home, and participating in one of our Kidzphyz Sports programs, which create safe learning environments for children of all ages and sporting abilities.


Watch sports with your kid

Watching sports with your child is also a great way to both introduce your child to the sport, as well as help them have a better understanding of the rules and how to play! It can also just be an all-around fun activity to do with your kid. Although, as mentioned before, try to make sure that watching the sport is something that the child actually enjoys and finds interesting, otherwise it may not be helpful for introducing the child to the sport.


Respect what sports and activities bring them joy

Above all, let them have fun and respect whatever brings them joy! Of course, many parents, particularly those sports fans, would love to see their child playing their own favorite sport. However, what matters most is that your kid plays the sport that they have the most fun playing. Whether they choose to play your favorite sport, a different sport, or do a different activity, let them decide what makes them happy.


All in all, introducing sports to kids early can be a great way for them to discover their own passions for sports as well as stay healthy and active. Check out the sports programs we offer at Kidzphyz Sports, to help introduce your kids to sports they will love to play!


Written in collaboration with Babysits – Australia’s community for babysitting and childcare jobs. Check out Babysits’ community resources for more tips for parents!




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