How to get boys into Netball

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How to get boys into Netball



It’s one of the oldest misconceived ideas in sport, that playing netball is restricted and exclusive to females, however, this is becoming more and more inaccurate as the years go on. Mixed and male only netball teams are becoming more prevalent in the sporting world on a local, national and international level. Much like those of women’s cricket and women’s’ AFL, men’s netball has been almost unheard of for many years, having to be self-funded even in elite levels, only generating small crowds and sub-parr representation in the media.


Netball became popular for men in Australia during the 1980’s, after watching wives and girlfriends participate in Saturday morning games. The first Men’s Australian Champi


onships were held in Geelong in 1985, with South Australia taking out the title. Unfortunately, the game has been almost undiscovered since 2000 after a widespread lack of interest. Since then the sport has taken off in an under-represented flourish across local, nati



onal and international levels. In 2019 the Australian National Championships were played in Melbourne with 190,000 viewers worldwide. Queensland took out the top spot, beating New South Wales 66-59 in the final game.

There are many different organisations that encourage and support the men’s netball game. These are organisations such as AMMNA (Australian Mens and Mixed Netball Association) which was founded in 1985, to overview championships Australia wide along with the Australian team when they travel internationally for competitions. All Australian States have individual organisations to watch over their respective competitions such as Mens Netball Vic, Mens Netball NSW and West Coast Men’s & Mixed Netball Association.


If you are a male of any age and are interested in getting involved, there are a few things you can do to start out with. Find a local and social team to join, this way there is low pressure and you can ease into the sport and learn the rules at your own pace. Another way to join in the fun is by getting a group of friends together and make your own team to play socially. This way you can all get involved, have some good, friendly banter and enjoy yourselves while you learn the ropes of the game. A good way to get young boys involved is by encouraging them to join without using any terms that may involve them believing it is a female only sport. Ensure they know that the game is fast paced and competitive and can be played socially as well. Another good way to get them into netball is by working it around their other sports, by choosing either a winter or summer team, as it can be played in both.


If you join a team next season, enjoy!




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