Fitness Testing

Kidzphyz Sports fitness testing services are perfect for schools within their PE classes, intra and interschool sporting groups, local clubs of all levels and individuals wanting to measure and improve their fitness levels.

Testing can be general in nature to gain a better understanding of fitness components and their impact on sporting performance, or alternatively, the fitness testing can be tailored to specific groups or athletes to enhance top end performance at an elite level.    

Testing services include

Standardised Testing

Valid and reliable field testing for common fitness test batteries

Modern Tech

Use of sports performance specific analysis software, including timing gates and forces plates.

Standardised Reporting

Follow up individualised written report for all athletes

Full battery of sport specific or generic tests available

Timing Gates

Speed | Agility | Vo2 max & Beep Tests

Vertec Jump testing

Muscular Power | Vertical Jump

Grip Strength Dynamometers

Strength | Force

Sit & Reach

Flexibility | Lower & Upper Body

Force Plates

Leg Power | Force Velocity Profile

Lactate testing

VO2 max | LIP & Threshold training

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