Children’s basketball tips – improving your 3-point shooting

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Basketball is a great sport for children, however, sometimes kids can find it quite difficult, particularly when it comes to shooting three pointers! Shooting and scoring in basketball is one of the most fun and popular skills when playing the sport, so children are constantly trying to score from as far as possible and as many times as possible.  Because 3-point shooting is quite difficult, requiring accuracy as well as much more strength since it is physically farther from the basket, it can be something that children, particularly younger children struggle with.


Luckily, our team of expert Kidzphyz Sports coaches have some simple tips for how you can help children improve their 3-point shooting!

Focus on Form


A key for kids learning how to improve their 3 pointers is really to focus on their technique and form while shooting. Particularly, making sure they don’t simply throw the ball as hard as they can will help considerably in the long run. This is because, when they are just heaving the ball and throwing it as hard and far as possible, they are likely not focusing on control or form. Thus, they won’t be developing the correct motor skills and polished technique necessary to consistently make 3 pointers.


A key tip for helping kids focus on the technique of their 3-point shot is to alter the game slightly and do drills making it more easy to work on their form! This can include things such as, lowering the rim and starting practicing shots from closer in. Lowering the rim is quite effective, giving children a better chance to make a shot while still practicing the correct form, which should help them build muscles and perfect their form to improve their 3-point shooting in the long run.


Another tip for helping children improve their 3 pointers by practicing their form is using a smaller basketball. This can help them as a smaller ball is often more manageable for their overall smaller size. So, it is easier to practice the correct technique. The ball is additionally slightly lighter, so this should remove some of the incentive to just throw the ball wildly only focusing on actually reaching the rim and not on aiming. At Kidzphyz Sports, we cater for younger children in our basketball programs by having smaller balls available for them to use, plus the full size ball for when they are ready and able!

Practice makes perfect

Apart from focusing on the form, simply shooting more shots and practicing more should have great benefits on learning the muscle memory and perfecting the necessary technique to improve a child’s 3-point shooting ability. Simply, don’t rush the kid through too many different or into too difficult shots or shooting drills too quickly. Let them get completely comfortable with a drill and making shots consistently from distances closer to the basket before you start moving further out to the 3- point line or raising the basket closer to the official 10ft height. Our basketball programs at Kidzphyz sports focus on plenty of drill repetition to help muscle memory, mixing those much-needed drills with practice matches to keep things active and fun!



Finally, one of the best ways to help improve a child’s 3 point shooting is to let your kids work directly with a coach. Particularly for parents less familiar with basketball, this can allow your child to learn the proper technique and do specific drills and training that should improve their 3-point shots faster and more efficiently than simply teaching at home. Our programs at Kidzphyz Sports include basketball camps where your kids can learn from elite basketball stars and coaches and practice in specialist sessions in all aspects of basketball skills development. The basketball programs at Kidzphyz are a great opportunity for children to improve their 3-point shooting as well as all-around basketball skills and have fun playing with other kids. Any experience where a child can break away from parents and peers in order to pursue an experience that is all their own will really help them develop the confidence and motivation to love what they are doing!

Written in collaboration with Babysits – Australia’s community for babysitting and childcare jobs. Check out Babysits’ community resources for more tips for parents!



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