Why Kids Should Learn Different Positions When Playing Sports

Sports are a wonderful place for kids to have fun, learn, make friends and grow! Sometimes kids, or their parents, have a predetermined idea of what position they should or want to play in a sport. Having such a mindset can be somewhat limiting, as there are many benefits for learning how to play different positions […]

Children’s basketball tips – improving your 3-point shooting

Basketball is a great sport for children, however, sometimes kids can find it quite difficult, particularly when it comes to shooting three pointers! Shooting and scoring in basketball is one of the most fun and popular skills when playing the sport, so children are constantly trying to score from as far as possible and as […]

Simple basketball drills easily practiced at home

Basketball YVG Sep 2019

Basketball is a great sport for kids to play, and it can be practised at home or with friends and family. Here are some quick tips some of our expert basketball coaches have to share with you, that can help your child when they are practising in the backyard or park!  If your child comes […]

Ways to get kids into playing Futsal

Futsal is a great sport for kids who already love soccer, or even for those who’ve never been introduced to soccer or similar sports before! It can be a fantastic way for kids to have fun and be active indoors during colder months and can still be played year-round! However, how do you get kids […]

Fun soccer training drills

Kidzphyz Sports Soccer Camp Yarra Valley

Did you know that the most played outdoor team sport in Australia is soccer, and that soccer also ranks in the top ten for television audience? At Kidzphyz Sports, we understand how important the game of soccer is, which is why lots of our programs include soccer activities, drills and practice matches. Fun soccer games and training drills […]

How to introduce kids to sports

Introducing kids to sport

Many parents, particularly sports fanatics, wonder when and how to introduce their kids to the sports they love. There is no set formula for introducing children to sports, however, here are some helpful tips you can follow to get you started! And remember, Kidzphyz Sports programs cater for children of all ages and can deliver […]

The benefits of sports and physical activities for children

Children of all ages need physical activity every day as it sets up healthy habits for their future.  By encouraging children to do some physical activity every day, you’re helping them to be healthy now. At Kidzphyz Sports, we can help you to keep your kids active by delivering a large range of sports programs […]


Congratulations to the winners of our recent Kidzphyz Sports camp 3 day pass competition! Suzy O’Rourke & Chantelle Lee. Both these winners will receive a 3 day pass to one of our winter sports camps of their choice valued at $255 each. Congratulations again and we look forward to seeing your children at one of […]