Top sports for girls in Australia

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Generally we know that girls can play any sport that boys play, however there seems to be some difference in preferences between girls and boys sports, according to the Australian Sports Commission. So, we’ve gone ahead and compiled the top sports for girls in Australia, as researched by the Australian Sports Commission, for the different age groups.


Top Sports for Girls Ages 0-4

The top sports for girls aged 0-4 according to the ASC are swimming, dancing, gymnastics, dancesport, and running/athletics.


The top sports for girls under 5 are dominated by activities that promote movement and creativity, and aren’t hugely focused upon ball sports or sports with much extra equipment. This could be because these extra things bring in an extra level of complication, as well as a higher necessity for hand-eye coordination which may still be developing at this age.


Swimming for under 5s

Girls and children in general at this age will primarily be in the learning phase of swimming. This will likely involve floatation devices, such as floaties or buoyancy vests, to aid them. At this point, they will be learning the basics of kicking, and potentially stroking with the arms, and will likely not be occupied with more complicated strokes.



Dancing for children under 5 years old will likely be focused on creativity, having fun, and getting exercise. Although, as they get older, closer to 6 years old, a bit more focus may begin in learning dance routines or specific steps and dance moves.



Gymnastics for girls under 5 years old is generally rather simple but focused on building the coordination and balance of the girls, keeping them physically active, and having fun.



Running and athletics in this case are focused around playing games, being active, and having fun.


Top Sports for Girls Ages 5-8

The top sports for girls aged 5-8 according to the ASC are swimming, dancing, gymnastics, netball, and tennis.


At ages 5-8, as girls potentially gain more precise hand-eye coordination, dancesport and running/athletics are replaced in the top 5 sports for girls by netball and tennis.


At Kidzphyz Sports, we run programs for girls and boys from age 5 onwards, encouraging the kids to have fun and make new friends whilst learning from expert coaches and elite athletes.  The sports vary from dancing, athletics, through to balls sports like football, basketball and netball. If your child isn’t sure what sport to do, they can always try our multisport program where they can try a variety of sports.


Swimming for ages 5-8

At this point, they may be learning more different swimming techniques, different strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breast stroke etc.) and could be able to swim unassisted at this point.


Dancing & Dancesport

In the case of dancing and dancesport, the dances at this age group will likely become more complex, with moves and routines becoming more dependent on better coordination, good balance, and timing. It is also possible that the competitive nature of dance at this age begins to increase.




Gymnastics for girls aged 5-8 begin to develop into more coordinated or choreographed, skillful routines. Here they are building more skills in coordination and balance and may be preparing for competitions to some degree.



Netball at this level is focused on having fun and learning the fundamentals of the sport. Here, girls can learn the basics of sportsmanship and teamwork, while making friends and developing hand eye coordination!



Similarly, tennis for girls aged 5-8 is focused on learning the basics of the sport, how to practice the different strokes, footwork, and more! As they get older, it is possible that they continue to develop and can take the sport to a more competitive level, however, in most cases tennis for girls between 5 and 8 years old is a more learning and recreational stage!


Top Sports for Girls Ages 9-14

The top sports for girls aged 9-14 according to the ASC are swimming, dancing, gymnastics, netball, and basketball.


Between ages 9-14, girls are likely starting to master more different techniques in the respective sports. This can be due to a paired increase in coordination as well as strength and balance, in combination with more long term exposure to the sport and more experience and practice in general. At this age, girls may start venturing further into potentially competitive environments, taking the sports more seriously as they grow older and gain more experience.

Top Sports for Girls Ages 15+

Girls aged 15 or older prefer fitness/gym, walking (recreationally), running/athletics, swimming, and netball according to the ASC.


At this age, some girls likely have split off to focus on excelling in specific sports, while the majority begin to move in the direction of the grand majority of adults (both women and men), settling into activities to stay in shape or in good health such as fitness/gym, running/athletics, walking, and swimming.


Overall, the top sports for girls which appear the most frequently across the age groups are swimming, dancing, gymnastics, netball, and running/athletics. However, there are also plenty of other sports that girls can play and one great way to figure out which sports your child enjoys the most is by having them attend a multisport camp at Kidzphyz Sports! Here, they can try out multiple different sports, and get a better idea of what sports are fun for them and which are not. Maybe they fall in love with a sport not mentioned on the top 5 sports as found by the ASC, and all the better if that is what they enjoy most!


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