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Since 2007, Kidzphyz Sports has extended its services by forming strong partnerships with local community groups, schools and clubs, whilst building a talent pool of experienced and professional coaches & teaching staff to complement its services. If you are looking to partner with us, please reach out.

Some of the Kidzphyz Sports Partner benefits include:

  • Sponsorship and discount deals, providing additional revenue streams
  • Employment opportunities for locally based teachers, staff and coaches.
  • Access to a huge range of elite athletes across sports including AFL, netball, basketball, soccer, Olympic & Commonwealth Games stars and more
  • An international network of teachers, coaches and camp programs through our partner businesses
  • Delivery by professional teachers, staff and coaches who understand that sport education is more than just a game
  • Supported professional development for club coaches & school staff through workshops
  • Evidence based curriculum offering parents and athletes unparalleled care

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At Kidzphyz Sports we strive to offer superior service for our clients, therefore, we always take your feedback seriously.